International Area - Services in the United Kingdom (UK)

MZG Asesores covers all the daily needs in the management of the company in the United Kingdom, facilitating the internationalization of Spanish companies, making easily understandable the foreign legislation in the Accounting, Tax, Legal and Labor areas.

Área Contable MZG Asesores

Constitution of societies

  • Incorporation of a company in accordance with English law.
  • Opening a bank account in the United Kingdom.
  • Registration of the Company in the VAT Register.
  • Registration scheme of payroll.

Labor Services

  • Establishment of the payroll scheme.
  • Highs and lows of Social Security workers in the United Kingdom.
  • Preparation of the official receipt of salaries (monthly and extra payments) and settlements.
  • Support in the preparation of employment contracts.

Accounting Service

  • Preparation of Annual Accounts.
  • Preparation of Official Books.
  • Presentation in the Administration of the documents required by the Law of the United Kingdom.
  • Constant advice and quarterly information.

Tax Service

  • Management of fiscal procedures before any official body in the United Kingdom.
  • Information of the particular repercussions to your company of each and every one of the taxes that correspond to you.
  • Drafting, preparation and presentation of the Corporation Tax.
  • Constant assessment of tax opportunities so that the client can make the appropriate decisions in order to make their economy profitable.
  • Calculation, presentation and payment of VAT.