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The specialty that characterizes us is Labor Law, a subject in which we have more than 20 years of experience and a specialized team of lawyers. We provide services to companies and individuals, preparing reports, drafting documents and providing legal assistance in the courts

The services we provide are the following:

Labor Law for companies
  • Advice on the most beneficial contracting modalities for the company.
  • Analysis of the company's work situation and report preparation; valuation of the contractual modalities, of the fulfillment of the requirements demanded by the regulations as well as by the collective agreements.
  • Preparation of employment contracts, including specific clauses for the needs of the client company.
  • Drafting of collective agreements of company.
  • Advice on disciplinary sanctions for workers and drafting communications.
  • Disciplinary dismissals and objectives: advice and processing.
  • Processing of employment regulation files (E.R.E.S.).
  • Claims prior to the work path.
  • Processing of resources against Social Security, Labor Inspection, INEM.
  • Representation in Conciliation Acts in the SMAC and representation and defense in court.
  • Advice before labor inspections: assistance, defense, response to requirements, liquidations and resources.
  • Processing of subsidies and hiring aids.
  • Labor audits Monitoring compliance by the company with labor obligations and social security in a timely manner.
Labor Law for workers
  • Claims against the company for geographical mobility, substantial modification of the conditions of the work contract, disciplinary sanctions, holidays, professional classification.
  • Representation and defense of the worker in dismissal procedures.
  • Claims of quantity to the company.
  • Advice to the worker in case of resignation and communication.
  • Advice and processing of termination indemnified from the employment contract by the worker's will.
  • Drafting letters and communications from the worker to the company.
  • Claims for work accidents.
  • Processing of benefits before the Social Security and the INEM: retirement, permanent disability, maternity, unemployment benefits.
  • Claims and resources derived from the request for benefits.
  • Application for benefits before the Salary Guarantee Fund (FOGASA).
  • Claims for compensation.
  • Lawsuits filed with the company for workplace harassment.
  • Procedures for the protection of freedom of association.
  • Drafting and processing of complaints in front of the Labor Inspectorate.
  • Processing of work and residence permits.

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