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We mentioned the most commonly discussed topics in Civil Law. If you need a lawyer in Madrid, our law firm will be able to guide you in any of these topics thanks to our civil lawyers:

  • Leases of housing, commercial premises, works, services, transfers and evictions. Room and precarious.
  • Contracts of purchase, deposit, bail, rent, exchange, assignment, mandate, agreements, transactions and commitments.
  • Inheritances testate and intestate succession, adjudication and distribution of hereditary assets, obligations and rights of heirs, commands and legacies. Intervivo donations and mortis causa.
  • Claims for amounts, unpaid . Debts. Embargoes. Loans.
  • Compensation in insurance, accidents, damages. Claim to individuals and companies, due to negligence or strict liability.
  • Judicial Procedures ordinary, verbal, executive, mortgage, conciliation and monitoring.
  • Divisions of properties or assets in common. Scoring and Retraction.
  • Agreements.
  • Estate, Purchase of homes. Defects of construction. Property, possession and usufruct. Easements. Mortgages Purchase option. Demarcation.
  • Community of owners Neighborhood relations.
  • Demands in ordinary procedures, verbal procedure and monitoring. Execution of sentences.

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